The Dialogue of Continents: Drifts or Connectivity?

International conference in Paris

From 03 to 05 September 2018, the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee organized the Dialogue of Continents 2018, a conference which focused on the future of globalization.


Special edition 2018


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DUAL Ports

By Malte Jahn

The INTERREG project DUAL Ports is concerned with the development of innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions in and around small and medium-sized entrepreneurial ports in the North Sea Region.

©CLEVER Cities project

Urban renewal


By Andreas Schmalzbauer and Isabel Sünner

The project "CLEVER Cities" aims to develop nature-based solutions for sustainable and integrative urban renewal in order to combine ecologic, economic and social improvements in mutually reinforcing ways.


Key technology

Strengthening the Game Industry in the Baltic Sea Region

By Marie-Christin Rische and Isabel Sünner

The computer and video game industry plays a growing role globally, and game industry applications are utilized as key technologies in many other sectors.

Talks at scientific conferences

The HWWI's researchers are all from renowned research facilities and all individuals on our team have extensive experience in their respective field of research, training and consulting. Find an overview of our latest talks at scientific conferences.

Hamburg Summit 2018

The HWWI is an academic partner of the Hamburg Summit "China meets Europe" 2018.

©GoSmart BSR archive

Regional innovation capacity

GoSmart Baltic Sea Region

By Isabel Sünner

The GoSmart project aims at boosting transnational cooperation among industry, the research & development sector, and authorities in employing smart specialisation strategies especially in catching-up regions.


BDO IBC 2018

Energy and resource consumption

By André Wolf

The BDO International Business Compass (IBC) aims to present the overall business development status of countries and regions in the form of a single index value.


Raw materials

Current policy influences on commodity prices

By Katrin Knauf

Political decisions have influenced prices on the international commodity markets in this year.