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Special edition summer 2021

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Smart specialisation

EU-INTERREG project "GoSmart & Excel BSR" successfully started

By Melanie Mesloh, Jan Wedemeier

The HWWI is proud to be project partner in the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region project "GoSmart & Excel BSR", which was officially launched in April 2021. As an extension of the INTERREG project "GoSmart BSR", this expanding project has a duration until the end of 2021.

The aim of this project is to improve the capacity of innovation actors in the Baltic Sea Region by strengthening transnational cooperation in the eight partner regions of the project in terms of the Smart Specialization approach. To realize this goal, novel methodological as well as practical solutions will be further developed to strengthen the specialization of the regions and in particular the innovation activities of the SMEs located in these regions.

The HWWI contributes to the achievement of the objective in this respect that the methodology for the development of Transnational Smart Specialisation Strategies developed within the INTERREG project "GoSmart BSR" (so-called Trans-S3) is revised and extended by further regions in the Baltic Sea Region. Through the further development of this methodological approach, stakeholders will be supported in the identification of specialization sectors, which will promote international cooperation, e. g. in the development of innovative products and services in these common specialization sectors. A special focus of the methodology is on replicability. Thus, the Trans-S3 to be developed should also be applicable to other European regions and European macro-regions, so that an overall European added value is generated by the project that fosters long-term internationalization of EU regions.

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Customer innovation

Digital methods, toolbox, and trainings for increasing customer innovation in SMEs

By Melanie Mesloh

The HWWI is a partner in the project "IClinSMEs" which focuses on application of digital methods for the implementation of consumer-based product or process innovations in SMEs.

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Port economy

COMBINE – Strengthening combined transport in the Baltic Sea Region

By Jan Wedemeier

COMBINE project aims at enhancing the share of Combined Transport (CT) in the Baltic Sea Region to make transport more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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World trade

Trade policy as an instrument for climate change mitigation?

By André Wolf

Can tariffs make a contribution to our climate goals? Are regional trade agreements the better solution? Hopes rest on the Biden administration.


Melanie Mesloh
Dr. Jan Wedemeier