Special edition spring 2022

Raw materials

War in Ukraine drives commodity prices

By Claudia Wellenreuther

  • HWWI commodity price index rose by 32 % (in U.S. dollar terms)
  • Crude oil prices rose by 18.6 %
  • Natural gas prices rose by 60.1 %

The HWWI commodity price index rose by an average of 32 % in March compared with the previous month. Russia's invasion of Ukraine led to price surges in almost all commodity segments. All three sub-indices represented in the index, the index for energy raw materials, the index for industrial raw materials and the index for food and beverages, recorded huge price increases in March compared with the previous month. These sharp price increases highlighted the great importance of Russia in commodity markets, particularly in the markets for energy raw materials. The significant price surge on the grain markets also reflected Ukraine's important role as a producer country.

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Port industry

EU Project DUAL Ports

As part of the DUAL Ports project, HWWI developed a cost-benefit- & carbon footprint analysis in coordination with the project partners, which compares the direct and indirect effects of the "conventional" with the "green" business cases.



Cost competitiveness of sustainable bioplastic feedstocks – A Monte Carlo analysis for polylactic acid

The HWWI estimated the costs of PLA (a type of bioplastic polymer) when using different feedstocks in production.

@ Angela Pfeiffer / Handelskammer Hamburg

Scientific strengthening

Michael Berlemann new Scientific Director of HWWI

Prof. Dr. Michael Berlemann has been the new scientific director of the HWWI since March 2022. In addition, the cooperation with the The Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg is being expanded.


Dr. Claudia Wellenreuther

About index

The HWWI Commodity Price Index reflects the price changes of the 31 most important internationally traded commodities from the energy, food and industrial commodities sectors.